POSITIVE AND OPTIMISTIC: When it comes to writing a book, how do you want your readers to react? Our vision is to have an authentic perspective of various writers in sharing their stories to bring positive change in society. The vision is to share stories that are optimistic and have great purpose and value to every reader. The future of Authentic Worth Publishing stands for having a positive and consistent mindset to reach other readers not only locally, but globally one step at a time. 


AMBITION: We have a strong passion to understand the uniqueness of every writer and enhance their confidence in storytelling, reading, and creative writing to share their stories at larger platforms and impact society. The vision is to create a safe place for every author to be known and celebrated for their hard work and achievements in writing their first books and many more to come. Our aim for this is hosting annual award ceremonies to recognise and congratulate each author, allowing them the opportunity to showcase their books to various communities. 


SPECIFIC: Authentic Worth Publishing are passionate about seeing aspiring and existing authors fulfil their goals in writing and storytelling. We dedicate quality time to aspiring authors to understand the importance of being specific about the vision and purpose of their book, the impact they’d want their book to make in their community, and the influence it will emulate as more people are aware of it. We believe that books are impactful, specific and relatable to the end-reader.


UNITY: Building long-term business relationships and client loyalty is what keeps Authentic Worth Publishing consistent. We have many opportunities now and in the future to laugh, have fun, socialise, and grow in every aspect of our lives. We stand on the vision that when goals are written down, it will happen as long as it is utilised daily.


You are one step closer to achieving influential greatness through the power of your story!

Authentic Worth Publishing is bringing worth back into you through storytelling and book writing!