The Power of a Forward Thinking Mindset

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ISBN Number (Paperback) – 978-1916060074
Language: English
Paperback: 243 pages
Product Dimensions: 15.2 x 1.5 x 22.9 cm



The power of a forward-thinking mindset starts with YOU! Your mind speaks before your words.

This book encourages, challenges and examines the thought-patterns that occur in the mind, dissecting where negative habits stem from and overcoming a false sense of self-worth by starving the past, feeding the present and embracing an unknown future. The countless mistakes of the past are valuable lessons leading to growth. Present situations embrace what’s in front of us, and the future propels us for unexpected blessings. Overall, the past teaches the present to GET READY for the future. Don’t let the current struggles make you stagnant. This is not the time to settle – get out of the box!

This book emphasises the battles that our minds face on a daily basis and how to overcome wandering thoughts by breaking mental and emotional strongholds. It’s applying faith to see beyond the circumstances and adopt the right mindset to remain focused. The mind can either take you further or keep you complacent, but whatever you do, don’t look back!

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10 reviews for The Power of a Forward Thinking Mindset

  1. Dami (verified owner)

    An extremely powerful book and much needed in these unprecedented times. Thank you so much, Esther, for writing this amazing, thought-provoking and inspirational book. This book is practical, well-written and an easy read. This book came to life for me; it has helped me in starting my business.

    • Esther Jacob

      Thank you very much Dami for your response; Authentic Worth is glad that it has inspired you and has helped you in starting your business. Keep it going!

  2. Josephine A

    I’ve only read a few chapters of this book but I’m loving it so far. “The Power of a Forward-Thinking Mindset” is a very encouraging and thought-provoking book. Looking forward to reading the rest of it. Would highly recommend!

  3. Ebony A.

    I feel like this book was released at the right time. I was looking for something that would help me navigate during the pandemic when this was released. There were so many words of wisdom to reflect on and it really emphasised the idea of putting God first which really helped me. Thank you for writing this book Esther!

    • Esther Jacob

      Thank you very much Ebony; we are grateful that The Power of a Forward-Thinking Mindset book has inspired you!

  4. Britny

    Esther has been such a sister to me! I love her commitment to the faith, determinism, fight and her selfless attitude! I bought the Power of a Forward Thinking Mindset in October 2020. It was a great investment as I grow in my ability and strength as a writer and individual. I especially loved Esther’s honesty, frankness and the practicality of the book. I really appreciate the sections to journal down my thoughts after certain passages! That is my favourite part of the book because it caused me to self-evaluate in a healthy way! Esther keep it up! You are a blessing many!

    Love, Britny!

    • Esther Jacob

      Thank you Britny for your review on our book The Power of a Forward-Thinking Mindset. We are happy that it inspired you and caused you to take action over your thoughts.

  5. Des Amey (verified owner)

    This book is amazing and much needed in this current climate. The author is spectacular and has a unique style that is extremely engaging and refreshing. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone looking to experience a paradigm shift. Your mindset will be transformed and your personal development will be absolutely incredible.

    • Esther Jacob

      Thank you very much Des for your review; we are very grateful that you benefited greatly from The Power of a Forward-Thinking Mindset. Stay in touch for our upcoming books too!

  6. Hana Abreham (verified owner)

    I love this book and have read it twice. I’ll probably read it a third time! This book has helped me focus on my future goals. I love the quotes and the reminder behind it. I would highly recommend this book to anyone!

    • Esther Jacob

      Thank you very much Hana for your testimonial; we are grateful that you have enjoyed reading this book. Stayed tuned for our upcoming books!

  7. Amy Hawkes

    Honest, original, illuminating. I’ve never read anything like it.

    • Esther Jacob

      Thank you Amy for reviewing The Power of a Forward-Thinking Mindset. We are very glad that you enjoyed reading it. Stay tuned for our upcoming books!

  8. Kel E (verified owner)

    This book really spoke out to me. It’s very encouraging and has helped me not just in the present, but in all my future plans.
    I love how the real the author is. It really is a blessing. Highly recommend.

    • Esther Jacob

      Thank you Kel for reviewing our book; The Power of a Forward-Thinking Mindset. We are very grateful that it has helped you and will continue to help you in all your future endeavours. Stay tuned for our upcoming books and social platforms!

  9. Sheryl

    The Power of Forward Thinking Mindset is a very powerful book that is much needed during these times. It is a truly compelling book that beautifully open’s the reader’s mind whilst really bringing scriptures to life. Thank you Esther for an amazing book that helped me with my own development and will help many others. Highly recommended!

    • Esther Jacob

      Thank you Sheryl for reading The Power of a Forward-Thinking Mindset book; we are glad that it has helped you and your own development.

  10. Nkechi Ugbade

    The Power of a Forward-Thinking Mindset is such an amazing book. I read this book at the beginning of the year and it’s one of those books where you want to read it again. I love the way the book is interactive and highlights every day issues that we experience. The book has helped me become more conscious of my thought-patterns and I like the way it touches on faith and relationships. Esther also includes snippets of her story in the book too. It’s a must read!

    • Esther Jacob

      Thank you very much Nkechi for your feedback on The Power of a Forward-Thinking Mindset. It is highly appreciated and we hope you enjoy our other books.

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