The Cost of Intentional Marriage


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Marriage; it takes two to build. In a fast-paced society that hungers for success, but neglects the beauty of delayed gratification and what there is to learn. It’s easy to misinterpret what marriage entails when our emotions can tend to do the leading. There is, however, a greater standard from the Author of Love on how purposeful marriages should look like based on the sacrifice to build a sustainable and rooted union. Marriage comes with a cost and we should prepare ourselves for it each day. The Cost of Intentional Marriage is developing the reader in exploring who they are becoming before pursuing marriage and the commitment it requires. There is a key difference between the singles, newly engaged and married couples to reflect and learn from their transitional seasons to embrace maturation and handling marriage the right way. When we have a perception on what marriage looks like from our own lens, we tend to neglect the spiritual, mental and emotional components of building the individual first.

As co-authors of this book, it will strengthen and increase the intimacy of your own marriage and those soon to be married. With the aim of this book, we teach and share experiences about our marital journey, reminding the reader about the power of submission to embrace new beginnings and be advocates of change. Establishing a great marriage is about developing a deeper understanding of knowing your purpose, which is at the core of what we aim to achieve. The importance of timing being at the forefront in every decision will help your marriage, family life and beyond to thrive and excel. Now, are you ready to invest in the cost of intentional marriage?

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