The Becoming Woman

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Transitioning from the season of waiting to intentionally courting

Language: ‎English
Paperback: ‎132 pages
ISBN Number (Paperback): ‎978-1739660710
ISBN Number (Hardback): 9781739660727
Dimensions: 15.24 x 0.84 x 22.86 cm



The author takes us on a journey of seasoned endurance and expectancy. It challenges the reader to own their season and position themselves to greater levels of growth. The author prepares the reader to measure their progress and embrace change in getting ready for the season of courting.

Before entering this stage, there must be a mature awareness of where The Becoming Woman is positioned. Is she content in her life’s journey? Only she knows. The reader will be bold to examine triggering moments as each page is turned, building her stamina, character and integrity to be sustained in testing times.

The Becoming Woman is a continuous assignment that can’t be substituted with instant gratification or environmental pressure. She knows that evolving has its rewards and will come as she patiently waits well. Study and reflect on The Becoming Woman to help you understand the waiting season to increase and prepare you for greatness. To empower the woman next to you is to understand her story before speaking and giving her time to flourish. No matter the stagnation and what you are going through, The Becoming Woman releases you from within to experience and enjoy wholeness in transition.

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2 reviews for The Becoming Woman

  1. Ebony Ali

    This book is for every woman who is on her journey of Becoming. I enjoyed reading this book because it’s not your typical book about waiting to get married. It identifies singleness as a season and gives a wholistic approach on character development. I like how the author emphasises the importance of maintaining a relationship with God for who He is; not what He can give to us and also taking steps of faith towards the manifestation of that which the reader is believing God for. It has helped me to assess my own journey of transition, of which I am grateful for.

    • Esther Jacob

      Thank you for your book review Ebony; we appreciate it and glad you were inspired and blessed by The Becoming Woman.

  2. Liz Takyi

    Excellent Book! I was going through challenges with a recent relationship break-up. My life was turned upside down when my relationship of over 6 years ended. Not a word of goodbye; my ex-partner disappeared in front of me. I bought this book and read it within 5 days. The Becoming Woman gave me hope and strength to wait on the Lord for His promises and a life time partner. Thank you for writing such meaningful and powerful book!

    • Esther Solomon-Turay

      Thank you very much Liz for the review given; we appreciate your transparency and glad it has been an inspiration to you.

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