Confident Face – Embracing your Authentic Beauty

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ISBN Number (Paperback) – 9781916060098
ISBN Number (Hardback) – 9781838457617
Language: English
Dimensions: 13.97 x 1.12 x 21.59 cm



When you look in the mirror, what do you see? In a world where physical appearance is compromised with social media filters and flawed perceptions of vanity, there’s a deep void that temporary satisfaction can’t fulfil. If someone asks you what makes you stand out, what will you answer to? Confident Face is the ability to nurture and embrace your own authentic beauty. Our generation is heavily focused on physical attributes that tends to neglect inner beauty – the working on one’s character, behavioural patterns and attitudes which are often overlooked. The sooner you learn to accept who you are, the sooner you will move from the path of confusion to confidence. Be your own Confident Face.

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4 reviews for Confident Face – Embracing your Authentic Beauty

  1. Priscilla Agyenim (verified owner)

    I absolutely enjoyed reading the Confident Face book; it’s a great book that’s so encouraging and thought-provoking. It includes practical steps for healthy skin and some reflective exercises which was my favourite part. God bless the author for being transparent. This book also hones in on the importance of looking after our minds, as it impacts the condition of our skin, and the emotional factors as well. Such a holistic book and I definitely recommend it! xxx

    • Esther Jacob

      Thank you very much Priscilla for reading our latest book; Confident Face. We are glad that it has inspired you and taught you a lot from a physical, spiritual and mental perspective. We look forward to helping many more people in being bold about their story and sharing it with confidence.

  2. Josephine A

    ‘Confident Face’ is a really good read! Loved the author’s transparency and courage to share her testimony regarding her skin journey. This book is very encouraging and reminds us that we “are more than society’s standards of beauty”. Confident Face is very well written, with loads of gems and opportunities for the reader to self reflect. Would definitely recommend!

  3. Nkechi

    I finished reading Confident Face at the beginning of this year and can honestly say that I was left blessed and encouraged. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to build their confidence and work on themselves to invest in this book. This book highlights the importance of having a good skin care regime, however also emphasises the significance of working on the internal self and not being swayed by worldly opinions. I found helpful discussions on how having the right thoughts can be beneficial, especially in times where their are so many external influences. Thank you Esther for another great book.


    • Esther Jacob

      Thank you very much Nkechi for your review on our book Confident Face. We are grateful that you enjoyed it and you were inspired by the author’s transparency. We look forward to hearing more reviews about Authentic Worth’s upcoming books in the near future.

  4. Sarah

    Honestly a life changing read and puts life into perspective! I definitely learnt a lot and it’s makes more of an impact when you are writing with God’s anointing. Thank you for this book.

    • Esther Jacob

      Thank you Sarah for your contribution towards Confident Face and glad that it has inspired you to see things from a different perspective. We hope you continue to enjoy our other books.

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