Author Membership

At Authentic Worth Publishing, we are passionate about you and your stories. As we transition through different seasons of unexpected change, writing becomes a powerful tool in sharing knowledge and various stories with the wider community. Whether from a generic, professional, personal or purposeful perspective, each story matters.

For this reason, Authentic Worth Publishing is inviting you to join our Author Membership. Our membership is dedicated to business owners, aspiring and existing authors, freelancers, solopreneurs and creatives to support them in their writing and development journey. We are intentional about providing invaluable information including our interactive group discussions, activities, book launches, workshops and seminars that will support, strengthen and develop you in writing and discovering your inner-creative endeavours.

The Author Membership will include but not limited to:

  • In depth-sessions, discussions and activities
  • Member-only exclusive discounts*
  • A supportive and inclusive family community
  • Showcasing ‘book of the month’
  • Top tips on how to start writing with ease
  • Understanding the importance of storytelling
  • Our alumni authors meet and greet
  • Authors of our Generation all year round!

Once registered as a member, you will receive a welcome email about the next steps and how you can start benefiting from the membership. With our community-based workshops held virtually and in-person, we will be inviting various guest speakers to discuss several topics relating to book publishing, writing for an ideal target market, opportunities to ask the team questions, group sessions on a monthly basis and much more!

Our memberships include free access to in-person & online workshops, events and seminars each month. We will provide various sessions on creative writing with our partners that will have the opportunity of talking about their experiences in becoming successful authors and how they use their stories to reach other audiences.

Authentic Worth’s monthly memberships are an essential way of learning through a mixture of our authors and partners in the book publishing and creative field. You will discover meeting and building genuine relationships with fellow authors and aspiring business owners and how we will continue to support you on the writing journey.