How to Write a Book Workshop – Part II

The Authentic Worth book workshop was a success. From the profound speakers to the panellists and group activities, it was a very intimate and informative session. The resources, tips and advice given in writing a book was second to none. Here are what some of the following attendees had to say:

Proud from Tolu Ogunsola:
“I attended the From Pain to Purpose seminar this weekend and it was a great atmosphere for like-minded people and curious people who came together to listen and share ideas, thoughts and opinions. Great talks from knowledgeable speakers who gave insider secrets which I found to be very valuable. Well done Esther, it’s a pleasure and honour to call you a friend and it is wonderful to see you flourish and step out on faith. You will continue to soar. Amen.”

Authentic Worth by Tilly:
“I have recently attended two events by Esther Jacob. Both events were impactful and informative, and I learnt quite a lot by it.Her “how to write a book part 1″ event was so insightful and helped me very much in teaching me how to write a book and how to get it published.I look forward to attending more workshops like these in the future.”

Pleased and Proud by Faith:
“I recently went to one of the Authentic Worth events (Seminar): From Pain to Purpose. All about helping individuals have a better understanding about writing a book, the process and next steps. I can happily say it was really good. Not only did it confirm what I knew from before but also it broaden my perspective and helped me to see, know and understand things I didn’t. I am so grateful for the knowledge imparted to me from Esther, Jahmella and Tunji. Super proud of Esther for not giving up too. She is so supportive, welcoming and humbly grateful. Thanks Esther, keep up the good work.”