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Authentic Worth Publishing understands the value of books as they are key resources which assist readers in all walks of life. Check our range of books for you to study and enjoy:

1) It’s Time to Heal – A book for young and mature women to discover their purpose in a season of uncertainty and rejection. This book goes deep into what I faced, particularly at university, on my way to identifying my purpose, how I healed from struggles in the past and what I learnt on the journey to self-discovery and freedom. It’s Time to Heal is our best selling book for women to know their worth and the freedom they get in being themselves. 

2) Completion – A book for men and women to understand their identity. This book is raw, and will make you look in the mirror and ask yourself who you are, despite external pressure and internal reoccurring thoughts. There is great beauty in being broken. When life doesn’t seem to go your way, Completion will make you understand why. The book also covers areas to do with personal development and self-confidence and how to be whole in your weaknesses. 

3) From Glory to Glory – A book that brings hope to those who have lost strength physically and mentally. From Glory to Glory enables the reader to look at life from a different perspective in extreme difficultly, dealing with the loss of a loved one and learning to put one foot in front of the other. 

4) The Power of a Forward-Thinking Mindset –  A book that emphasises the battles our minds face on a daily basis and how to overcome wandering thoughts by breaking mental and emotional strongholds. It is about applying faith to see beyond the circumstances and adopt the right mindset to remain focused. The mind can either take you further or keep you complacent, but whatever you do, don’t look back! 

5) Confident Face – In a world where physical appearance is compromised with social media filters and flawed perceptions of vanity, there’s a deep void that temporary satisfaction can’t fulfil. If someone asks you what makes you stand out, what will you answer to? Confident Face is the ability to nurture and embrace your own authentic beauty. Our generation is heavily focused on physical attributes that tends to neglect inner beauty – the working on one’s character, behavioural patterns and attitudes which are often overlooked. The sooner you learn to accept who you are, the sooner you will move from the path of confusion to confidence. 

6) Abundant Progress – Abundance is vast. Progress is gradual. Put them together and it will take you on a journey.  Abundant Progress is the ability to achieve greatness with the impact on progress being steady. Abundant Progress brings awareness that challenges are inevitable as it increases tenacity and a growth-mindset that’s able to pivot and discover the hidden greatness within. The reader will learn how to embrace and welcome steady seasons of growth and understand the importance of being expectantly positioned mentally for expansion and not to remain complacent. Living an abundant life requires working on your inner-character to build an asset-mindset. Be confident that abundant progress starts in you whilst embracing the gradual steps of the journey.

7) The Becoming Woman The author takes us on a journey of seasoned endurance and expectancy. It challenges the reader to own and make peace with their season and position themselves to greater levels of growth. The author prepares the reader to measure their progress and embrace change in getting ready for the season of courting. Before entering this stage, there must be a mature awareness of where The Becoming Woman is positioned and at peace with her season. Is she content in her life’s journey? Only she knows. The reader will be bold to examine triggering moments as each page is turned, building her stamina, character and integrity to be sustained in testing times.

8) New book release – out by Summer 2024!