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In loving memory of a dear sister, friend and daughter; Glory C. Jacob, who was laid to rest on Friday 11th May 2018. Authentic Worth Publishing is a platform created for her legacy and the future generation to turn their pain into purpose.


The vision of Authentic Worth began in 2018 with an online blog that transformed into a website and officially a business being birthed. Authentic Worth is a diverse book publishing company with the purpose to support and help aspiring and existing authors write their stories and turn them into published books. Our bespoke book publishing services consists of on-going support through our monthly virtual and in-person seminars and author memberships that equips new and existing authors to learn about the writing process, finding their voice, whilst developing their creative and unique writing skills. We provide a plethora of book publishing services including our bespoke 1-2-1 support and group activities for aspiring and existing authors to write with ease and confidence.

Authentic Worth Publishing has a range of books and services for different writers and established creatives in all walks of life. We take pride in organic and authentic stories being shared with the community, with the aim to bring permanent change and value-added growth. We are intentional about supporting authors that require further assistance in their writing journey through our bespoke online courses to learn and gain extensive knowledge on the go.  

We believe every story is valuable and the more stories that’s written and published, the greater the impact they will have in the community. We are integral about the books we publish and share, and ultimately, reminding authors of the purpose behind their stories and its importance to the community not only locally, but globally. 

Authentic Worth Publishing has also received several recognitions including Social Value by the Mayor of Lewisham and Christian Book of the Year Awards by the Wise Woman’s Association, and has collaborated and closely associated with The British Library and BIPC (Business and IP Centre) to foster a healthy community of aspiring business owners to turn their ideas into valuable products and services.


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